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We are able to offer a full range of services to business customers:
  • Landlines & Fibre Broadband
  • Rural 4G Broadband
  • WiFi Networking
  • Hosted Voip Telephony
  • Traditional Telephone Systems including BT Systems
  • Annual Maintenance
  • System add ons, additional extensions
  • Faults & Repairs - Ongoing support
  • Diagnose line faults


Telephone Systems

We can supply your business with a new or re-furbished telephone system. Don't get tied into a long lease with a company offering you state of the art equipment that they say will save you money in the long term, with features you will probably never use.


You might actually be happy with your existing telephone system? 

  • You may just have a faulty phone or socket?
  • You may just need an additional extension providing on your system?
  • You may just need to add functionality such as:

Voice Mail. Dect or Cordless phones?



By 2025 all existing copper telephone lines are being withdrawn by OpenReach, from October 2025 there will be no ISDN, or analogue PSTN services in the UK.

 You will no doubt receive a growing number of calls and e-mails from companies trying to frighten you into changing your telephone system?
At PAB Telecoms we can help, your existing Panasonic system can be upgraded to be compatible with the new Voip / SIP telephone services, and when the time comes, or when you are out of contract with your existing line supplier we can swap you over at minimal cost....
In many cases your existing ISDN/PSTN lines can be swapped out for SIP and the new service can cost you as little as £9.95 per month, per channel including ALL calls to 01,02,07 numbers.



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