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Residential Line & Broadband Faults


It is now the responsibility of you! the "customer" to ensure that any potential  faults are not on your own equipment or any wiring associated with your property before you report the fault to your "Service Provider", if you call your service provider, the fault  will be passed to "BT OpenReach or "Kingston Comms"  who now own & manage the Networks, if the fault is found to be on your own equipment or wiring you WILL be charged for the visit, by BT OpenReach or KCom, this will also be made clear to you by your service provider when dealing with you.

"OpenReach will charge £130.00 for their visit, if the fault is found to be on wiring or equipment associated with your property"

BTO  (OpenReach Logo removed for Legal reasons)          


P.A.B Telecoms are able to attend your site & determine whether the fault is either Network related or Equipment related, in many cases we can clear internal faults on the same visit, however, if we prove the fault to be a BT Openreach / KCom problem you can then report the fault knowing you will not be charged.

  • Fault Finding & Repairs
  • Wiring tidy - ups to enhance Broadband Speed. 
  • We also carry Professional Broadband test Equipment


Our Callout Charges are 60% Cheaper than those charged by "BT OpenReach" or "Kingston Communications".

Please click on this link, to view BT OpenReach's current pricing: 

Business Customers 

Equipment & Line Faults

At P.A.B Telecoms we do not believe in signing customers to an annual maintenance contract. Modern Electronic equipment is renowed for its realiability.

We do offer a Pay-as you-go service, in the unlikely event that your telephone system develops a fault or you need some changes carrying out on your system, we would simply charge you an hourly rate for any work done, if you have a complete system failure we can normally source a replacement system for you and have you back up and working within 24 hours.

If you are experiencing problems with your lines it is your responsability to ensure the fault is not on your own equipment to avoid a callout charge raised by your service provider or by Open Reach. At P.A.B Telecoms we carry Trend ISDN Test Equipment to enable us to identify where a fault may be.

Again, our costs are 70% Cheaper than those charged by OpenReach or KC.




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