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Residential Services


"The Telephone Man"

P.A.B.Telecoms are able to offer the following services to residential customers:

  • Extensions for Sky, Broadband or Telephone
  • Diagnose Broadband faults
  • Fault Finding & Repairs to wiring
  • Wiring tidy ups to enhance Broadband Speed
  • Broadband, Smart TV, BT Vision, Youview  & WiFi Set Up
  • Computer Network Cabling for Interative TV's, Games Consoles, Computers
  • Single office/Home Office Telephone systems
  • Replacement Master Sockets (NTE5)


Smart TV - Set Up & Overview

Have you just ordered a Smart TV or one of the new Free view box's that need connecting to the Internet to work? If you have and you are unsure of how to set it all up then please give us a call. Our charge to do this will be about the same at BT, Sky or Talk Talk would charge you, but I can sit down with you once its all connected and show you how it works.



Line & Broadband Faults 

No matter who your service provider is, it is the responsability of the home owner to ensure that any issues or faults you might be experiencing are not in your home before you report them, if a you report a fault to your service provider and the fault IS in your home or no fault can be found, you can be charged by BTOpenReach or Kingston Communications.

BT OpenReach Logo removed due to infringement!

Our charges are a about 70% cheaper than those charged by BT OpenReach, and if the fault is in your home I WILL fix the problem for you!

 Slow Broadband?

Not everyone can enjoy the benefits of High Speed Broadband, however, if you want to watch a film from Netflix or Youtube, to ensure that the picture you are watching does not freeze that you need to make sure that you are getting the best Broadband Speed possible.


If you are experiencing Slow Broadband it can be for a number of reasons:

  • External Line Fault
  • Internal wiring fault
  • Faulty Internal Socket
  • Faulty Filter
  • Faulty Broadband Router 
  • Distance from the Telephone Exchange
  • Incorrect Connection in the Exchange

It is well documented that the further from the local telephone exchange you are, the slower the broadband speed, however, a visit by P.A.B Telecoms can usually identify & fix a number of the issues listed above within an hour, which will normally result in speeding up your broadband.

We carry state of the art "Vonaq" Broadband test equipment, which enable us to pinpoint the exact location of any ongoing Broadband Issue you may have with your service provider.* we can also whilst at your home speak direct with your Service provider to try and resolve the problem there and then.



Why not check your own Broadband speed now with our own "Speed Tester"


The Telephone Man